This is what life in color looks like…. #lifehappensinthegray


I wanted to share with you what the purpose and meaning behind the start of my blog, “This is life In Color.”

I am a psychotherapist in private practice. I work with all kinds of issues that people face everyday…. some more long-term while some are less of an invasion in their everyday lives. Regardless, there is no “right or wrong” reason to seek help when you feel unsettled, uncomfortable, sad, mad, frustrated, hopeless, addiction, out of control, nervous,”blah,” confronting past mistakes or “demons,” understanding why you feel like you don’t “fit in,” relationship or family problems, love lost, rejection, ignoring personal limits, or wanting to know more about yourself, etc.. . Again, I could go on forever about the different reasons as to why people seek mental help or have the need to talk to someone but, the fact still remains, that all of us are humans and will eventually experience feelings, situations, and face circumstances that will cause us to feel something different! We are human… that will never change.

The stigma and negativity that is more often portrayed throughout history in regards to having “personal problems” has reached a point of ridiculousness and utter ignorance due to the vast amount of information that is out there via social media about mental health. It’s almost like we live in a society that “I am the exception” to the problems that others face…. Bull Shit! No one is the exception, including myself, who is trained how to live a “balanced and healthy” life while helping others achieve their fullest potential mentally and psychologically. I make mistakes everyday and have my own personal baggage that will continue to challenge me throughout my life…. I am human too! This is your life and no one has the right to tell you how to feel, let alone, what feelings are approriate for any given experience as you are the one going through it. You are the author of your life…. 

Bottom line…. Life is not black or white, it’s colorful! Of course, we would like to think that things are either this way or that way but, in reality, feelings and human beings are much more complicated than that! Life happens in the gray…. that is where we need to stay in order to be present and live a life with purpose and meaning; this is where personal healing happens. I will explain that more in detail later. Please do not be afraid to show your colors as eventually they will come out, if you like it or not! #openandhonestwithyourself.




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